Create a Fundraiser

Meet your fundraising goals quickly and easily with Raisify.

3 Simple Steps

  1. Fill out the form so we can create your fundraiser.
  2. Promote your fundraiser to your supporters.
  3. Download the My Raisify app to manage your account.

How It Works

Create a Fundraiser

Provide your fundraiser information and we’ll provide you with tools to help you promote it. Then download the My Raisify app to manage your account and raise funds, too.

Engage Supporters

Your supporters earn rewards by shopping for the things they want and need at hundreds of name brand stores giving rewards. A percentage of every dollar spent comes back to your fundraiser as rewards. Rewards = Real Cash.

Earn Rewards

Raisify tracks every transaction, collects the funds from the stores and passes the funds to you. You’ll get monthly reports so you can see your supporters activity and be able to track funds by individual members if you’re offsetting fees or expenses for your team members.